What would any parent do? Any parent of either sex? Your child tells you they’re “trans” then runs away, leaving you to “educate yourself”. Then they estrange you, adopt a different family, cut all ties and accuse you of all sorts while you’re still reeling, grieving, in trauma. They re-write their own history, reframe their own happy youth as “harmful”, and create an “identity” of oppression.

This is a fathers perspective on a cult that has taken our much-loved daughter. It starts with an account of how it all happened and how the cult works. I’ll develop the site over time to expand and show digital doodles, signage, prints, gender critical artworks; both text-based and image-based - I’m a UK-based artist so I make images for a living. I’m also widely published and collectable, so I’ll be releasing some of my artworks in limited editions for yearly subscribers and founding members. Most will be free. Having spent 4 years educating myself I’m ready to present my findings.

Download my artworks, tear down those gender unicorns and genderbread men and the Stonewall posters in your schools. Replace them with Denton’s Findings. Parent Power can change this.

We don’t hear much from the Dads, or from men in general, straight, bi or gay. I’d like to know why that is, and how we can change that. I’ll also be posting writing from my personal diary and bite-sized insights to share and discuss. I have to stay anonymous in order to protect our daughter, for as long as it takes for this contagion, this mass psychotic epidemic to pass. Let’s bring it on, together. Post your questions, start a conversation, share your story.

This is a resource for everyone, but most especially, it’s for anyone who wonders what on earth it has all got to do with them.

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About gender radicalisation, trans estrangement, and the cult of youth transition



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