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Feb 28, 2023Liked by Denton

Oh yes, Denton! These misguided (mostly white, middle class) kids are in thrall of a cult. Know who is responsible for this cult? Men like my ex-husband and their groomers. That is right. I want my ex-husband, whose tech firm serves world class museums as a database management firm, to take ownership of what has happened. I want him to take ownership not just of the trauma our 5 and 8 year old sons had, which I, Mom, handled on my own, but for this cult and your daughter being swept up in it. Ray Blandchard, I want to sue the pants off of you. American Psychological Association, the same. I want to send my ex pictures of these Black Pampers, so he will know he's associated with them. (I'm sure he's afraid of them) Thanks for staying in this slog, Denton. We matter. I believe it so strongly. I want to tell these young idiots, "Want to save the world? Plant flowers. Insects are on the decline, and insects matter, people!" Here's a butterfly from Ute Heggen youtube channel. They pollinate more food plants than originally thought.


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